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This website is FREE

We believe that educational resources should be FREE and accessible to anyone. Therefore this site is free too, and we'd like to keep it that way.

"Free" means that membership and all core features the website is offering can be used without having to pay anything. But you'll find many more free things here: free apps, free software, free images, free resources.

Are there any commercial apps?

The apps we are creating ourselves are usually free, although some apps may require a valid login to work properly.

Some apps may allow purchasing stuff, like books for example. It is absolutely clear that you'll have to pay for books or other shipping articles.

As anyone can add apps to our database you may find some commercial apps too. Commercial means that you'll have to pay to use them or to use all features. We don't think it's evil to offer such apps, so we have no problem with that - although we're sure that people will prefer apps that are 100% free.

Commercial apps will clearly be marked as such and you'll never be forced to buy anything here.

So how will this site survive?

Good question.

We're a non-profit organisation. This website causes CPU load and network traffic. It needs storage devices for both the running system and backups.

So how will we make it?

Well, you'll note that there is some advertising one most pages, this is already one source of income that will help us paying our bills.

The other one is donations. If you like the site, consider making a donation. If you know some people who could be sponsors for this site, tell them about us.

Thank you 😀

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Freedom IS important

In an educational environment nobody should be forced to use hardware or software products by a specific vendor.

No student should be forced to use a specific computer or web platform, as long as the platform the student is willing to use will allow to easily share information with other people.

Each student, teacher and school should be able to opt for the technologies they feel comfy with, as long as it's technically feasible.

Free Software in Education

Free Software can be a valuable resource in education. Not only can it be technically or pedagogically superior to proprietary alternatives, but it can also promote the values of the GNU project in the schools: Freedom & Cooperation. (from

You may also check out our Free Software Directory.

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