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Virtual school

Link your virtual classrooms, communicate and share.

The Virtual School allows to create links between various Virtual Classrooms and thus to create a combined online environment for an entire school.

Creating a Virtual School will improve communication and sharing, it will allow to run a common school website and library and it will also make student and teacher management much easier.

Optional: your own server

A secured environment for your school or classroom.

In the second half of 2016 we will start offering dedicated hosting solutions for your own secured online environment that will be completely separated from the main site and only be accessible for teachers and students within your school.

You may already contact us if you're interested in such an option - thank you for your patience!


Use the entire Morzino technology for FREE on, share your work with people all around the world.
Create individual work plans for your students, track progress and improve learning processes.

Dedicated server

Get your own Morzino server, offering a closed and secure work environment for your students and teachers.
We will take care of the setup and the maintenance of your server and software. Contact us for details.

Local server

Run the entire Morzino technology on your own server located in your school or in a data center of your choice.
We can help with the installation, configuration and maintenance of your system. Contact us for details.
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