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App updates - Multiplication, Houses, and Walls

May 20, 2019
by jos

Today we released a total of three completely renewed math apps:

- The new Multiplication App now offers an online training mode as well as improved printable worksheets.

- The new Math Houses App now supports comma numbers and roman numerals.

- The new Math Walls App now supports comma numbers and roman numerals too, furthermore additions and subtractions can be mixed on single worksheets.

All three apps are based on our latest app framework, which means that they also supports all of the latest online training and printing enhancements.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

New written calculations app version

May 13, 2019
by jos

Today we released the completely renewed written calculations app, offering the following enhancements:

- The app now includes an online training mode supporting all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division).

- All operations now support comma numbers.

- Printable worksheets offer improved support for divisions (larger grid, and 6 questions per sheet).

- Printable corrections now support multiplications and divisions too.

The new app is based on our latest app framework, which means that it also supports all of the latest online training and printing enhancements.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

New image and file reporting feature

April 24, 2019
by jos

The new reporting feature now allows to easily report images and files that are misplaced, that are inadequate, or that violate site rules, copyrights, or privacy rules. This tool can also be used if you wish specific images to be removed from the site, and it will allow for shorter reaction times.

The new feature is available in news feeds, image galleries, in the microblogs, and in numerous other places, so that it will probably cover about 95% of all images that will be displayed on the platform and on websites created using the website manager.

Your Morzino Team

New Help Area is now online

March 27, 2019
by jos

We just released our new Help Pages, which currently cover user features, community features, and the website building tools.

The entire Help Area is currently only available in English, while German and French versions shall follow at a later time.

We are currently working on further pages that shall cover e-Learning apps, virtual classrooms, and school management tools.

With today's update, it also becomes possible to easily add student texts to blog posts, while the website manager now supports colored notes. Furthermore, web and publishing tools offer improved content caching.

Enjoy the new features!

Your Morzino Team

New family group feature

March 21, 2019
by jos

This week we introduced the new 'My family' feature, which allows families to create their own group and which also allows parents to manage and monitor their children's accounts.

Parents may create family groups and add other members to their family – additionally, they may also directly create accounts for children, even if those don't have their own e-mail addresses yet. Children may leave the family group as soon as they're 16 years old and if they have provided their own e-mail address. Kids may log in to their accounts as soon as they're 13 years old (or 16 years old in certain EU countries).

Parents can see their children's profile information and monitor their social communication tools. They may even delete their children's profile data, remove profile pictures, and disable certain communication features. Additionally, parents may also log in to their children's accounts if the kids are younger than 16. 

Families can create their own virtual classroom that will allow parents to manage their children's exercises and to track their learning progresses.

Roles (student, parent or teacher) may now be set directly when signing up, and some additional useful information will be provided after the first login.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

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