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Three new game apps are now online!

16. april 2018, by morzino

Three new skill games are now available, all of which are reminiscent of the good old days of classic video consoles.

The "Tennis" app allows to play tennis against the computer, you'll have to shoot bricks in the "Break Out" game, while you'll need to collect stars without touching edges in the "Snake" game.

The new skill games can be found here:​elearning/​collections/​games/​

Have fun with it
Your Morzino team


New search engine is now online

31. january 2018, by morzino

We are proud to announce that our new search engine is now available. The engine has been completely rewritten, it displays more accurate results while it's also been further optimized for mobile devices. The most important changes include:

1. The global site search now displays verbs, vocabulary and visual dictionary images.

2. The virtual classroom engine now opens in a hovering window and searches for apps, images, words, verbs, countries, texts, documents, blog entries, assignments, and students.

3. The visual dictionary now also displays vocabulary matches.

We hope the new engine will greatly improve productivity on the entire platform.

Have fun!

Your Morzino team


Visual dictionary featuring more than 1500 pictures online now

9. january 2018, by morzino

Our new visual dictionary for students, parents and teachers is now online:​media/​

You may use the images in your classroom for free, to explain words or to create worksheets for example. You may also use our search engine to look up pictures in 3 different languages ​​(English, German, and French).

The search engine also displays images that match your search term. Therefore it is also a great tool to search for words on a topic, and it may help kids when writing essays or stories for example. Most images are also available as coloring picture by the way.

When selecting an image the search engine will also display various translations, which makes it a great tool to learn languages ​​and vocabulary.

At the same time we also offer two new apps based on the new picture sets. You may use the "Visual Vocabulary" app to practice vocabulary in 3 languages, while the "Count" app allows to practice counting numbers up to 100. Those 2 new apps can be found here:​apps/​vocpix/​run/​​apps/​count/​run/​

An update featuring additional pictures is already scheduled for the next school year. You may also submit proposals for new pictures if you think that important images are missing.

Have fun!
Your Morzino team


More than 200 enhancements and new features available!

15. september 2017, by morzino

During the past 12 months we focused on further improving the Morzino platform.

The virtual classroom has been completely redesigned, and the new "classbook" app can now be used to record activities, homework and student attendances for example.

You may now easily get your own classroom online, with pages including news, photos, texts, schedules, etc. It isn't even required to set up an own website on Morzino anymore if you'd like to publish your student's work.

Furthermore we redesigned the entire website – many areas have been cleaned up, and the entire platform should now be even more user-friendly.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Your Morzino Team


Luxembourg's new education platform is powered by Morzino

15. september 2016, by morzino

The newly developed education platform for Luxembourg's elementary schools is now online.

The entire platform is based on Morzino technology, and we have been closely working with Luxembourg's Education Ministry to adapt the technology to their needs within the past two years. More than 50,000 students and teachers may now access the platform using their IAM password.

Morzino also replaces the former educational website management tools, which means that schools in Luxembourg may now build their new websites all by themselves, using the Morzino School Web Manager.

Classroom and student information can be retrieved from the Ministry's servers and all school and classroom relationships can automatically be generated by the platform, which means that every single teacher in Luxembourg may now instantly access a fully configured virtual classroom.

All data is being stored on servers located at the Education Ministry's technology department (CGIE - Centre de Gestion Informatique de l'Education).

Luxembourg's new education platform is accessible here:

Your Morzino Team