Morzino e-Learning Platform News

New educational games: Solitaire/Klondike and Labyrinth

20. may 2021, by morzino

The new "Solitaire" and "Labyrinth" web apps are now online. "Solitaire" lets you play the popular Klondike game directly on the platform, while the "Labyrinth" app offers 30 explorable 3D maze levels.

Enjoy the update!
Your Morzino team

New version of the Hangman app

11. may 2021, by morzino

The Hangman web app has been completely redesigned, it now supports 3 languages (en/de/fr), the word lists are now divided into categories and they have been significantly expanded, and teachers can now also create their own word lists. The app can now also be saved as an exercise, and results can also be saved in the students' logs.

Enjoy the update
Your Morzino team

New version of the vocabulary web app

3. may 2021, by morzino

The new version of the vocabulary web app, which has been completely redeveloped, is now online.

The new app now supports 3 languages (German, French, and English), and you can set the source and target language yourself. In addition, the app is fully integrated with our image database.

The web app can generate online exercises as well as worksheets (including corrections) or lists, and both transcription and multiple-choice exercises are offered, naturally also with pictures.

The integrated vocabulary is now divided into categories that can be freely selected, and teachers can now create their own word and vocabulary lists in their virtual classrooms.

Exercises and worksheets can no also be saved and made available to the students directly in the virtual class.

Have fun with the update!
Your Morzino team

Direct links to apps, exercises, files and websites in the Virtual Classroom

19. april 2021, by morzino

Virtual Classroom teachers may now add direct links to frequently used apps, exercises, files and websites under "Worksheets and Exercises". Students can quickly find tasks and exercises that they can repeat on a regular basis. As a teacher, you can also provide assignments that are specially adapted to the current class or the current teaching unit.

Links can be activated or deactivated individually so that regularly recurring tasks can be switched on or off as required. You can also decide whether links should be displayed for all students or only for individual groups.

Enjoy the update
Your Morzino team

New images coming soon...

6. april 2021, by morzino

We just finished drawing the next set of 500+ images for the platform. Next step will be inking/outlining, scanning, and then colouring, so this will take some more time... The final images will become available under a free license so that they can be reused without limitations.