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New picture dictionary with more than 1500 hand-drawn, free pictures for students, parents and teachers

New picture dictionary with more than 1500 hand-drawn, free pictures for students, parents and teachers
PDF, 1253 kb

LUXEMBOURG - February 26, 2018 - A free picture dictionary with more than 1,500 hand-drawn pictures is now available on The powerful search engine allows to search for images in 3 languages ​​(English, German and French).

Teachers can use the pictures for free in their classromms, to explain words and vocabulary, or to create worksheets for example. All pictures are also available in higher resolution for printing.

The search engine also displays images that match the search term or which rhyme with the corresponding word. This will also allow to search for words on a topic, which may help to write essays or stories for example.

The search engine may also help to learn vocabulary - if you select an image, the various translations are displayed in 3 languages, as well as any existing synonyms.

Almost all pictures are also available as a coloring picture - parents and teachers can also print the pictures as line drawings, which can then be painted or decorated by younger pupils.

There are also two new apps using the new image collection. Using the "Visual Vocabulary" app, students can learn vocabulary in 3 languages ​​in a fun way, while the "Count" app allows younger children to practice counting numbers up to 100.

All images have been hand-drawn by the Morzino team, scanned in and then inked using a graphics tablet. The entire picture dictionary was therefore also a project that took several years to realize. An update with more images is already planned for the next school year, and users may also make suggestions for additional or missing pictures.

Morzino still on the road to success

The entire platform is still on the road to success and has been growing steadily since its official launch in November 2011. Around 14,000 people from Luxembourg have already created an account, although many functions are also accessible without a password of course.

Over 280,000 custom worksheets and corrections have been generated over the past 6 years. If one includes all copies, which are usually created in schools, then one can assume that over a million worksheets created with Morzino have been used in Luxembourg so far.

In recent years, Morzino has become one of the most popular e-learning platforms in Luxembourg, which is popular in schools and at home. Morzino is also becoming increasingly popular as a work platform - more than 40,000 texts, documents, pictures and photos are currently being managed online. In addition, more than 40,000 work assignments have been issued to students so far.

New picture dictionary with more than 1500 hand-drawn, free pictures for students, parents and teachers
PDF, 1253 kb

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